summer lighting

Lighting in the Season Ahead

With the Summer coming up ahead, the days are getting longer and with that, the dark, evening commute home will soon be much brighter. As the days are getting longer, and there being more natural light to go around, lighting choices will no doubt change and adapt, but will still absolutely be a worthy investment. 2020 has already gotten off to a strange start, but there`s still gonna be a Summer. If you happen to be looking at lighting options for this Summer, why not read up on some of the Lighting Tips for Summer 2020!

Smaller Light Fittings for the Garden

With the longer evenings, there`ll be less need for light when you`re chilling out on the Patio, the setting sun will take care of that for most of the evening. Instead, now is the time to look at some aesthetic ideas for the garden, so when the sun does set, you`ll have a lovely display down the end of the garden to look at. This is mainly achieved by smaller LED light fittings, as they can be lit up instantly and long lasting enough to keep that gorgeous display going. Smaller, less expensive lights are more versatile, as the number of lights and their positions can be played around with. This is a much better option, rather than being tied to the one large bulky light fitting.

Opt for Sconces

If going for a spread of lights in your garden isn’t for you, and you`d rather invest in fewer, larger lights, sconces are the way to go. Sconces are great holders of light fittings, as they have the added bonus of looking great, while providing fantastic light spread. With the evenings getting brighter, it`s understandable to limit the amount of lights you want on, but don`t forget about lighting too much! With brighter evenings come warmer nights, so you`ll probably be spending more time out in the garden, and you want to make sure you can see each other when you`re out there! Sconces are easily fitted and really go hand-in-hand with great LED Light fixtures.

Smart Lighting is the Way to Go

With the night getting shorter, particular areas will need lighting up much later in the day. Smart Lighting is perfect for this as they have sensors which can detect not only motion, but daylight. With this, a street can be lit up only when someone is actually on it, or when the sun fully goes down. With less need for light in summer evenings, Summer is a great time to look at energy savings, something Smart Lighting is also brilliant for. Smart Lighting is a great energy-saving option, and is a perfect match for Summer Lighting.

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