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Big Benefits of LED in Outdoor Lighting

Over the past few years, LED lighting has taken a great leap forward as the primary lighting option for numerous types of projects worldwide, big or small, heavy-duty or aesthetic-based. This is largely due to the numerous benefits that come with using LED lighting. These benefits are really versatile and are benefits in their own right across numerous environments. Benefits such as Long Life, Low maintenance costs and Durability.

Outdoor Lights – Long Life

litho image 2In the case of Outdoor lighting, long life is a great benefit to have, as outdoor lights are not always the easiest to replace, and if, for example a streetlight blows out, the aftereffects can be both difficult to manage as well as dangerous. A good product for outdoor lighting with a long life is the Ocellum1, an LED light fitting from Litho Circuits. This light fitting has a lifespan of over 100,000 hours, which is a fantastic lifespan for an LED light, one that will take care of any worries about blowouts.






Maintenance Costs

The maintenance costs are also a large factor to consider, as outdoor lighting is not something that people want to constantly maintain. LED lights are not just built to last, but built so that you can install and nearly forget about them. There`s not much need for regular maintenance so the savings from that are more than enough reason to look at LED for your outdoor lighting.

Outdoor Lights – Durability

Outdoor Light fittings are installed in a variety of temperatures and environments, so it is vital that they are made to withstand any of these thrown at them. This low maintenance cost doesn’t just come from the bulb not blowing out, it also comes from not having to replace the fitting due to extreme colds, or external damage. litho image 1 That`s why LED light fittings are made from strong, durable, reliable materials that will not leave you worried about the lights going out in Winter. Take the Sofia, for example, an LED light fitting from Litho Circuits.  The Sofia is made from a high tensile aluminium that is highly resistant from corrosion as well as being hard and long lasting. This aluminium casing does not take away from the light strength or lumen output, guaranteeing further reduced maintenance costs.

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