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The LIA proudly presents LIGHT!

The LIA are excited to announce that they are collaborating with LIGHT at one of the largest and most popular UK Interior Events, the January Furniture Show. This is the UK's only large-scale furniture and interior lighting event and it celebrates the importance of lighting and the huge opportunities for the lighting sector within the furniture and interior markets. Events such as these are important in highlighting the many areas that lighting can be used to contribute to an interior.

While lighting in an industrial context mainly needs to consider strength, long life & maintenance, interior lighting has many other facets to consider. Lighting in a retail environment for example, needs to take into account the appropriate colouring, dimness and direction.

LIGHT at the January Furniture Show 2020 – The Event Itself

LIGHT 2020 will provide a platform for attendees to meet some leading specialist lighting buyers. The event will attract all ranges of people, from Interior Designers and Specialist Lighting Buyers to Commercial Specifiers and Retailers. This is a collaboration with an already existing, extremely popular event - the January Furniture Show, the UK`s most attended interior design & furniture event. Taking place from the 19th to the 22nd of January in the Birmingham NEC, LIGHT will have exhibitions as well as loads of great talks; all intent on educating and advising professionals on the latest opportunities and best practice for interior lighting design

Why Join LIGHT at the Furniture Show?

This event is a great opportunity for buyers and exhibitors to get together to talk business. This collaboration with LIGHT combines the 21,000 furniture and interior buyers with lighting buyers and specialists - the event brings in over 50,000 interior products, so it really will give a comprehensive overview on what’s out there in the market – and the latest trends and technologies.


LED and Interior Lighting

. With a big focus on things like lighting softness and mood lighting, it was only a matter of time before Interior lighting embraced LED. There are so many advantages to using LED in both industrial and decorative areas, and we have no doubt that LED will be a big part of LIGHT this year.

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