Ennis the capital of County Clare, is a historical town and one of Clare’s most characterful and picturesque centres – with its narrow, winding streets, historical buildings and busy market town atmosphere.

Litho Circuits were tasked with retrofitting the traditional lanterns on Abbey Street and upgrading these to LED lanterns to achieve energy and cost savings but retaining the existing housings.


In order to achieve the required task, metal work was striped back and repainted, a metal gear tray and mounting bracket was designed to house the new SEAI Triple E approved LED Module and Meanwell driver to fit in the traditional housings, the unit was rewired with a safety wire and new photocell added as shown in the photos.

..... Original Traditional HPS 150 Watt        ......   Retrofitted LED 60 Watt

....Original HPS 150 Watt...............Retrofitted LED 60 Watt

New Metal Gear Tray

New metal gear tray


HPS 150 Watt was replaced with a LED 60 Watt giving a 90 Watt saving per light, over 8 lights this gave a saving of 720 watts =  0.720 Kw = 60% Energy Saving

 0.720Kw x 4150 Hrs/Annum x €0.155 (Cost per Kw/h) equates to a Saving of €4631.40 over 10 Years