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So Many Lighting Opportunities in 2020

The start of a new decade can mean so much, and can allow many sectors to take a fresh approach to their lighting choices. New trends and lighting opportunities are already appearing in 2020 and areas like Warehousing, Retail and Hospitality are taking full advantage of this.



LED Trends in Retail Lighting

Recently, Retail outlets have put a lot of focus into customer centric lighting. Customer centric lighting is lighting that will put customers at ease, really setting the mood you want. Retail shops have turned toward using low lighting and high contrast levels. This can primarily be done through the use of spotlights and down-lights, particularly in smaller, niche retail shops. Bigger retail shops like H&M are less affected by trends like these, instead they have largely been helped by the energy efficiency of LEDs.


LED Trends in Warehouse Lighting

Litho 2020The idea that LED high bay lights could compete with traditional T5 lamps would have been laughed about before. But in 2020, a huge change-over towards energy efficient warehouse lighting and LED industrial lighting is set to become the norm. One of the more popular LED light fittings for Warehousing in 2020 is looking like it`s going to be LED High Bays.  The PIN-2H is one of the top LED High Bay lights from Litho. This is because of the 2H`s great balance between high quality and strong lighting, and the energy saving capabilities that come with LED.




Warehouse managers all over the country are arguing in favour of energy efficient lighting in warehouses, as they know the switch will bring down any energy and maintenance costs in the long run. LED luminaires provide energy cost savings of around 50% , while traditional fluorescent accounts for roughly 30-40%.


LED Trends in Hospitality Lighting

In the last few years, LED Lighting has become so much more popular in the hospitality sector, in places like hotels and restaurants. In the case of Hotels, they`ve been relying on LED Light strips because of their energy saving capabilities. These type of lights are perfect for hallways and hotel rooms, as not only do they save a big chunk in energy costs, guests are sure to appreciate a hotel being more eco-friendly! Litho 2020 Take the 1800MM Tri-Proof-G44 for example. This LED Linear light is perfectly compact for a hotel hallway, while still having great energy saving capabilities through motion sensors.




Most restaurants have already brought in LED Lighting to bring down energy costs, but in 2020 cafés and restaurants are looking to use all the design possibilities that come with LED lights. Restaurants are using LED lighting as it lets them focus on ambiance, warmth and natural lighting. Mood lighting has been growing in popularity in the last few years, and in 2020 it`s really ready to blow up.


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