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Smart Cities – The Start of a Discussion

A few years ago, the idea of a city relying mainly on information technologies to manage resources sounded like something that`ll be around ‘in the future’ whenever that might be. Nowadays, technology has caught up to this idea, with a Smart City strategy being run in cities like Dublin and Manchester, and many more. Running a Smart City program has so many benefits, but one of the most important of these is reducing the consumption, waste and overall cost of energy. When city councils see the real commercial benefits of implementing some of these technologies, it’s no wonder more and more cities are adopting smart strategies and one of the most common of these approaches is the implementation of Smart Lighting.

Smart Lighting – Taking Care of Energy Needs

There’s been a really significant shift towards Smart Street Lighting. Standard Street Lighting functions well in terms of providing safe road conditions, and it functions perfectly in this context. But the real problem issue with traditional street lighting is the excessive level of  energy consumption. Not only is this environmentally unhelpful, it makes the Street lighting very expensive to run, and as a result, it often accounts for a huge portion of public energy spending. The way smart lighting works is that you install sensors or cameras on the lighting poles. This enables them to detect movement. When it`s quiet, or late at night, the luminaires can be dimmed to reduce any output. Motion sensor lights are monitored by Control Systems which will increase the output of the light when the sensors are activated. It simply makes sense not to pay for lighting a street when no-one is on it.

Smart Lighting & LED – Double the Energy Saving!

At Litho, we know all about this big shift towards smart lighting – many of our products use both Smart Lighting and LED. With the energy saving capabilities of LED combined with Smart Lighting, there`s a real opportunity for Councils to make very significant savings over time.  And there’s plenty of different types of smart street lights. Check out a sample from our range or give us a call on +353 (0)61 491 800 and we can help you spec. the right products, given your requirements;



Litho Smart Lighting Take the Palacio-L for example, an LED streetlight from Litho. This streetlamp has a life of over 100,000 hours, as well as a new lens that gives it high purity and low absorption. With Smart LED lights, this means that none of this top quality light is lost!



Litho Smart Lighting This Lumanaire is specially designed for work areas such as oil industry that require ATEX Certification for explosive atmospheres. The connectors are reinforced with brass presses and all the losures have double safety gaskets. This light fitting has EXdIICT6 Certification.






Litho Smart Lighting Mainly used in Warehouse projects and the Sporting world, the KS-4 is known for being a big energy saver! Made with four focalized lenses and an instant start-up, the KS-4 is another Smart Light fitting that will both save you money and provide great lighting for your project.

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