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Warehouse Lighting – Tick the Right Boxes


If you are working on a warehouse development or renovation project and you’re looking to source the right lighting, you’ll be well aware that the choice you make can impact productivity, health and safety and running costs long into the future. This article is designed to give you some useful guidance on two key issues to address;

  • General Health & Safety Regulations for Warehouses,
  • The Energy Efficiency of the Lighting.


Issue #1: General Health & Safety Regulations for Warehouses

Firstly, Health and Safety regulations are a priority and of course it’s a legal requirement to “cross-the-dots” in this context. Also be careful as it’s easy to inadvertently buy cheap lighting that doesn’t meet the required safety standards. Regulations say that Warehouses need adequate lighting, which includes appropriate lighting levels for staff to do their work in a comfortable manner. In practice this means that lighting must not have a lot of glare or reflection. To be sure you are putting in an appropriate warehouse lighting system, it’s always useful to think about not just the needs of the entire warehouse, but the lighting required at each individual work station and all the general areas where staff work or socialise, such as corridors and canteens. Bear in mind there are four different regulations that might eliminate some of your preferences - you might have had your eye on Linear Lighting or even Flood Lights but neither one is likely to meet the right standards. The good news is that we are right-up-to-speed on these legal restrictions – which are ultimately useful in devising appropriate solutions – so touch base with us for advice and guidance on your best options and the products we can sell to meet both the needs of the workers and the requirements of the regulations.

Of course running costs are also an important concern…..


Issue #2: Think about the Costs - The energy efficiency of the lights.

Naturally you`re going to want to keep ongoing costs down, so energy efficiency is another factor to think about. It`s really easy to overlook the huge difference in cost in maintaining and running LED solutions versus other options that may seem cheaper at the outset.

And eliminating wasted use of lighting is another energy efficient option that will save you significant cost into the future - for example using lighting systems that respond to occupancy and to daylight – yes lights can be smart too! These kinds of measures are  guaranteed to give a great boost in efficiency and if you’re sorting out new warehouse lighting; now’s the time to implement these easy, cost-effective solutions.

There is a lot to think about so please do give us a shout to discuss these options – we are experts in this field and at Litho, we offer products like High Bay Lighting. But also we give great advice for our customers on how to implement the best long term set-up.


When Should You be Looking at High Bays

High Bay Lighting is mainly used in places with ceilings that are higher than 25 foot. They`re perfect for any Warehouse projects, mainly because they`re suitable for a lot of different of locations, which also means you won`t have much to worry about in terms of Health & Safety regulations.

Not only that, with most lighting products now using LEDs, High Bays can save you a lot of money from their energy efficiency. And in relation to those occupancy sensors mentioned before, paired with the new LED lights that High Bays use, you’ll save a considerable amount of money in terms of running costs.  Occupancy sensors are perfect for Warehouse lighting. With these lights, you can switch them off completely or dim them down to low levels when a certain area is either vacant or has enough natural light. You can control light automatically, using timers or sensors that sense light and movement, making sure no energy is wasted.

Some of our solutions may be the perfect fit for you

At Litho Circuits, we`ve got many options that are perfect for any large scale project like Warehouse Lighting. Check these out;


The KS-4 Die-casting Aluminium Spotlight is designed with four focalized lenses and is started up instantly. This Spotlight is not only perfect for Industrial settings, but it’s a big hit in the Sporting world! Being an energy saver, with a life of over 100,000 hours, the KS-4 is ideal for your next Warehouse project.


The Pin-3R is custom-built for large scale projects like Warehouses. With a strong aluminium outer casing, as well as an output of between 24000 - 27000 Lumens, this High Bay product is built to last, while making sure to meet any adequate lighting standards.







The MGF ATEX Range was originally designed for Oil Rigs, to ensure safe operation in explosive environments.  With a built-in microchip and reinforced lens, a driver that’s integrated without an external box, this High Bay light is a perfect mix of high-tech heavy duty, great for a warehouse project.

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