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Before You Start – Some Things to Think About

If you’re looking at buying commercial lighting for a project, a key consideration will be running costs - you’ll want to optimise energy use. But there’s plenty of other considerations too so we’ve put together this short guide to help you identify the key factors you should take into account.  But if you don’t have a lot of time and need a quick opinion on industrial lighting, then Litho Circuits has you covered!

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LED vs Traditional – The Choice is Simple

If you haven’t bought industrial or street lighting recently, you might still be wondering about the choice between  LED and Traditional lights? But LED has come along so much in the last few years, it just makes complete commercial sense to go with it.  For starters, LED Lighting is built to last and is incredibly durable. Take Litho Circuits` ATEX Explosion Proof LED Lights, which are safe, tested and built to last. Some LED Lighting products can even last between 50,000 – 100,000 hours! On top of that, LED is more energy efficient than traditional lighting, so it`s in no danger of burning out. There are plent of other benefits too so we’ve outlined them below because we understand this may be a key spen are just a couple of reasons to choose LED Lighting when you`re considering lighting for your project.

Factors to Consider when specifying

There are a number of factors that are so important to consider when specifying the LED Lighting you need;


LED Light Source

The efficiency of the Light Source will probably be out of your control, as if the light source could have a very high lumen efficiency by itself. However, this will make the light source much more efficient so while this may be outside your control, it does have an impact.



LED Lighting Colour

The most common colour of LED Lighting would be white. However there are so many variables when you think about the shade of “white light”.  Depending on the application, the choice will definitely vary as well. For example, you might prefer a cool white for clarity, or a particular ambiance from a warmer choice of lighting.


Colour Rendering

This refers to how the colour is reproduced. Colour rendering for lighting such as factory lighting may not be so important. LED lighting excels as it sacrifices strong colour rendering for great energy efficiency! Take the High Line Linear 600 Surface, for example, which prioritises colour rendering to ensure that no energy is wasted.


LED Lifetime

The life of LED Lighting can vary and obviously it’s good to opt for lamps that have optimal life expectancy. Again, at Litho this is one of our core areas of expertise and we can advise you on the best way forward!


Luminaire Efficiency

In terms of tech spec, this can be described as the Light Output Ratio (LOR). LOR is important to consider as the greater the output, the greater energy efficiency. A good example of this would be the 600MM Tri-Proof-G44 from Litho`s Linear Lighting. This product is highly energy efficient, putting out over 2400 lumens!


Light Distribution

Requirements concerning Light Distribution can vary depending on what application you`re looking at so for example light needs to be focused on a particular area, then a more narrow light distribution will be needed.  In addition to that, having low glare is very important to create the desired ambience and atmosphere.


Luminaire Accessibility

Light fittings always need to be accessible, for any possible repairs and maintenance. This is what makes the accessibility of the lights, as well as the appropriate mounting, so important.


Lighting Controls

You can put in Lighting Controls in any number of ways; motion sensors, timers, integrated through the Building Management System etc. As long as you make sure the specifications will allow it. Litho`s Retrofit Kit is great if you`re looking to simplify installing any sort of control or device.

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