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It`s the time of year where you`ll be able to see people`s houses from a mile away! There`s so much you can do with LED Lighting to make a lighting display that`ll definitely catch some eyes, and guarantee a special Christmas this year. We`ve put together 5 great reasons to use LEDs for your lighting displays this Christmas! Enjoy the season and – let there be light!

They`re So Cost-Effective!

Good Christmas lights are such a worthwhile investment, as they`re guaranteed to save money in the long-term! Instead of getting some of those old fluorescent ones that could burn out, why not get a set that will last you for years to come. LEDs can be a bit more expensive than traditional fluorescent lighting. However, they make up for this by not lasting for many years – saving the cost of buying a new set and the negative environmental impact of replacing lighting sets year after year.


LED Christmas Lights are Energy Efficient Lighting

Wintertime can send the house into overdrive, with visitors coming and going, the heating on full-blast and icy wind coming through the house every time the door opens. It’s a time when we know that the electricity bill is likely to rocket compared to summer months.  LED Lights will help ese the pain! They offer fantastic energy efficiency - by being able to convert at least 80% of its energy into light, only the remaining 20% is converted to heat.

Instantly Great, Instantly Colourful

Just like the traditional incandescent bulbs you would have had in the house, incandescent Christmas lights probably take a few minutes to properly light up. But with all types of LED, this isn`t the case. You can flick on the house lights, tree lights, lit decorations and you`ll have an instantly fantastic display!

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Instantly Great, Instantly Colourful

So Many Lights, Only One Outlet

There`s no danger of you tripping over a mass of wires this year, as LED Christmas lights are so neat. Christmas LED strip lights can fit nearly 100 bulbs on one set and only need one outlet. This is handy to keep things neat and tidy, as well as being easy to store - as you won`t have three different sets of lights for the one tree!

LED Christmas Lights Won`t Overheat

With only 20% of the LED being converted to heat, there`s no danger of LED bulbs getting too hot. This can be a worry for those still using incandescent bulbs to light the tree, as they`re always a bit of a fire hazard. LED Christmas lights can be left on for hours on end, with no worries about overheating so you can safely leave the tree lights on while you relax by the fire.


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And Happy Christmas!