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Winter Lighting – Something to Get Ahead On

It’s fairly safe to say that the long warm Summer evenings are long gone. And winter really is a good time to start looking at your light fittings and think about whether or not they are going to survive the winter months. Winter Lighting can cause tech issues and challenges – dark nights, bad weather, low temperatures - there`s a lot to think about even before considering the aesthetics and any design ideas you might have. Hopefully these 5 tips will help you ID all the key considerations and of course you can always call us for great advice!

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#1 Lighting Temperature – Keeping Those Bulbs Warm!

While your light fittings might be perfectly suitable for the rest of the year, wintertime can comprise the integrity of the fittings – just at a time when lighting is critical! Major drops in temperature around the winter months can put a strain on incandescent bulbs in particular and cause them to burst. This problem can be easily rectified by switching over to LED bulbs instead. LEDs are extremely durable in every sense of the word, and will light up to 100% strength instantly, while incandescent bulbs often struggle to get there in cold temperatures.

#2 Darker Evenings Need Brighter Lights

With morning commutes and evening strolls now happening in the pitch dark often, health and safety is a key issue and higher lumen outputs are needed, to keep roads and pathways properly lit up. Proper winter lighting really needs a robust lumen output and LED Lighting is perfect for this. Compared to incandescent and halogen light bulbs, 80% of LED energy is converted to light, with only 20% being lost to heat energy.

#3 LED Lights Are More Durable

LED light fittings are made from parts that allow them to withstand rougher conditions than regular incandescent bulbs. LED Light fittings can resist shock, vibrations, and external impacts, as well as outdoor conditions such as wind, rain, traffic related public exposure and external vandalism. Litho WinterFor example, the SOFIA, an LED outside light from Litho Circuits, is made from high-tensile aluminium, which is highly resilient to corrosion. The SOFIA is well known for its hardness, resilience and durability and is a top choice for outside lighting that you want to last.




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