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Making the Decisions When Upgrading Your Lighting

There is often a huge amount of thought put into the decision to upgrade the light fittings in an area or workspace. You need to consider cost, spacing and the different lighting needs for different areas. It`d be a shame for all this thought and expense to go to waste because some key issue wasn’t considered at the outset. Your very best bet is to get expert advice before you invest in any spend. But to help you identify potential issues, here’s a heads up on some common mistakes made by people when they go to upgrade their light fittings – worth a read and it might just save you time and money!

Buying lights with inconsistent light distribution

While LED lights are still the best choice for lighting projects, if you`ve got a project that benefits from the spill light that tends to come from halogen bulbs, maybe its not the right decision to jump right into a complete change over to LED. While LED lights are definitely an upgrade, make sure you introduce LED lighting in a cost-effective – and lighting-effective – manner, that suits the environment.

Not verifying the credentials of the supplier

A huge misstep that people tend to make when going into replacing their light fittings is not knowing exactly who they`re getting their fittings from. Not all lighting specialists are made equal – ask for customer references, do your research before you commit to the supplier and make sure you`re getting the best quality product for your project.

No consideration given to ‘future proofing’ the installation

While it is unlikely, if your LED light fitting ever fails you, either by malfunction or external damage, replacing it with the exact same model may be more difficult than anticipated. Going back to the original supplier, you might find that the model you previously purchased is not available anymore. The best way to avoid this mistake is to buy an extra light fitting of the same model, so you`re not left running around looking for another LED light or worse-still – forced to change fitting.

Installing lights with too much glare

Depending on the place of installation, some light fittings can have too much glare for the location of the fitting. This is a common problem that is easy to avoid. When you`re looking to buy a light fitting, just ask the supplier about what installation example that the UGR rating is based on – this will give you an idea of the suitability of the light given your needs.

Lighting that looks too ‘cold’

The colour spectrum for light fittings is an easy thing to overlook, as you`d think there`s only one type of white, right? The ‘cold’ and ‘warm’ variants of white light are measured in Kelvin, and the level you choose can have huge aesthetic impacts on the place that you`re lighting up. In the office, you don`t want your workers sitting under cold, unwelcoming office lights!

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