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The Street Lights on Tottenham Road

The historic columns around the shopping district and business district of London are due a complete makeover and upgrade as part of a wider project to improve the general area. This is also being done to accommodate the recent upgrades made to eight of the streetlights in the area. These street lights haven`t been changed in 100 years! The decision was made to bring them more up to date and the entire project consisted of reinforcing and repairing much of the stonework and facets too in the area to make sure Tottenham road continues to be built to last. Though we might suggest the council doesn’t wait another 100 years to upgrade the lighting tech!

The Street Lights

Because of the age of the columns, it was sensitive work to revamp them while avoiding  scrapping the authenticity and history behind them. After all, with all the years of history  these lights have illuminated, it`s important to do them justice. Each column took a lot of hard work, as they were individually stripped down and fitted with new strengthening bars, while any major imperfections were repaired. The lantern bowl and lights were replaced with new, high quality LED light fittings.

The main advantage about this upgrade

Renovating an area with as much history as Tottenham road can make people feel uneasy and local communities naturally worry about damaging historical street settings. However this upgrade was done with huge care and attention to preserve the façade as best as possible while making significant upgrades to the lighting systems. With new, top quality LED lights, the risks of lighting blowouts in these streetlights is significantly reduced. LED light fittings have no risk of overheating and will save money for the Council due to their energy saving capabilities and not needing regular maintenance.

With all the improvements being put into this area, the upgrade will also attract a lot more tourists, residents and business, bringing in more money. In time it will be clear that the advantages of this project definitely outweigh any downsides.

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