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LED Warehouse Lighting

Would you like your industrial warehouse lighting to perform better whilst decreasing costs and resources for maintenance? Then look no further, because LED technology is the best solution.

Find out what type of energy efficient bulbs are needed for a warehouse building and see how this can improve not only the safety and security of your business, but also your team’s work efficiency.

Examples of Warehouse Lighting Fixtures

High Bays:

Known as a ‘must have’ product for commercial buildings, high bays are perfect for buildings that have ceilings as high as 20ft or more, making them ideal for warehouses. They are a powerful lighting source and can be installed in various ways; hooks, chains or pendants - you can even fix them directly onto the ceilings!


These are known to be a modern alternative to traditional gas discharge lamps and fluorescent ceilings lights, as their environmentally friendly LED lights make them aesthetically pleasing. Panels are a great way to enhance the brightness in a warehouse, whilst looking contemporary and professional.


LED floodlights are an excellent replacement to the sodium/metal versions as they boast an impressive lifespan of 50,000 hours. With a steel body and tempered glass structure, these LED floodlights are more efficient for long-term replacements.

Emergency Lighting:

If a warehouse experiences power outage or failure, emergency lighting (or ‘egress’ lighting’) is very helpful as an aid in these situations. They are an essential safety feature for industrial and commercial buildings when things go wrong!

What are the benefits of Commercial and Industrial LED lighting fixtures?

With all these different LED bulb options, you may be asking, ‘should I switch to LEDs just because they’re cheaper and more efficient?’. In short, yes! The positive impact of LED bulbs is so much greater in the long run.

In warehouses, where lighting is on for prolonged hours, you could potentially be doubling the lifespan of bulbs. For instance, if a warehouse’s lighting is using 500W lamps, the LED equivalent would be 250W and could perform similarly, if not better, due to its brightness.

Technology is a major contributing factor in LEDs working better than traditional lighting. Warehouse managers and logistic sectors can conveniently regulate on/off switches without affecting the lighting’s performance or lifespan, illuminating only operational areas. More advanced features include daylight sensor controls and motion sensors.

The options, and benefits, are never-ending. To take a further look at the bulb types for warehouses listed above, visit our Products page.